Croydon L. Snowdon, 1931–2019

Croydon L. Snowdon, 1931–2019

Croydon’s family – brother: Richard; children: James (Elizabeth), Anne (Scott) and Karen (Charles); grandchildren Jake (Arianna), Benjamin, Evelyn, Christopher and Emilie and great-grandchild Rosalie – are sad to announce his passing in Ormstown, on February 8, 2019 at the age of 87.

Croydon was a well known and respected CVR teacher, with a very unique name, who settled and made his life in Ormstown.

When his parents relocated to the town in 1950s to operate a nursing home, Croydon often visited from Montreal.  After his marriage to Elaine Barrons in 1963, he brought his bride to live and raise their family.

Croydon never left Ormstown and retired from teaching at CVR – he would say that retiring was one of his greatest achievements and that when he retired, everyday would be a snow day.

He spent his winters reading books and visiting his brother, friends and relative.  He spent his summers travelling to his beloved Maritimes to relive his childhood memories and to eat blueberries and lobster with his many Snowdon family cousins.

He loved to laugh at a good joke – usually his own – and to tell long stories.
His love of music, especially steel drum and marching bands, will never be forgotten.

He enjoyed travelling and often visited his children and grandchildren in Mississippi, Baldwinsville (NY), Richmond (BC) and Toronto.

His family will miss him greatly at his passing, but we are also sad to say that we lost him a long time ago as his dementia took his spirit and his memory.  His family hopes that he is now in a place where he can sit in his study, playing harmonica, thinking up good stories and perusing books and magazines about his favourite subjects.

Should anyone wish to honour his memory, the family request that donations be made to the Memory Loss Foundation or the Parkinson’s Foundation or a charity of your choice.

Croydon did not survive his second spouse.  Thank you to Dr Bélanger and the wonderful staff at the Centre d’hébergement Ormstown who cared for him and made his final days calm and comfortable.

As per Croydon’s wishes, cremation has taken place and no visitation or funeral services will be held.  A private burial ceremony will follow.


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    My deepest (and belated ) sympathies to the family. Mr. Snowdon was my teacher at CVR and I admired his ability to hold everyone’s attention and teach. It is largely because of his patience and determination that I was encouraged enough to learn how to type properly. 🙂

    Respectfully, one of his many students

    Frederick Sherrington
    Val des Monts, QC


    Sincerest sympathies to an old dear friend in her loss. Remember the good times Shirley.


    My heart is with you Shirley on the passing of such a wonderful man who loved you dearly. We have great memories of our times in San Andre and El Salvador. It’s so sad that Croydon’s kindness and understanding was not passed on to his children.


    My deepest sympathies Shirley Ovans Snowdon. It is not easy losing a loved one with whom you have shared many years, many, many laughs, and many adventures together. May you be comforted knowing that Croydon is now with his maker. The love and happiness that you shared together will remain in your memory and in your heart. I always admired how Croydon would watch you as you buzzed around preparing meals, caring for children, or organizing the home. He would always need to know where you were and that you were safe. What nicer way to show your love for someone. You were partners , friends, lovers and soul mates right to his last breath. The way you took such good care of him in his ailing years should not go unnoticed. He was blessed to have you in his life.


    My deepest sympathies Shirley Ovans Snowdon and family on the passing of your beloved husband with whom you have shared many years, many, many laughs, the odd tear and numerous adventures together.
    Losing a loved one who has become your partner, your friend, your soulmate, and your lover, is a difficult stage of life. May God give you strength at this difficult time and know that you have the love and support of many friends an family. The loving relationship you shared with Croydon endured until his last breath.
    I admired the way he would watch you as you would be buzzing around either preparing meals, caring for children , or organising the home. Croydon always needed to know where you were and that you were safe. What nicer way to show your love for someone. Your memories will always be in your heart, keeping Croydon close.

    Condolences to the children as well.


    Our sincere condolences to you Shirley, his partner and wife for so many, many years. We had the pleasure of spending much time with the two of you over the years and they are wonderful memories. You took care of Croydon right to the end, he could not have had a more loving, caring person at his side. We loved listening to Croydon’s stories, he always had one ready for us, even when we dropped in unannounced. We always left your home a little smarter, as the teacher in him what forever present. We loved that about him. Croydon also took up the role as grandfather to many children throughout the years, but we always appreciated the part he played in Alexander’s life, he was the best step-grandpa ever! As you move forward Shirley, no-one can take away your memories and special moments together, remember that.


    I worked with Croydon over 30 years ago, sharing the typing room and going from electric typewriters to computer keyboards. He was always polite, patient and kind. Our condolences to his family from away and to Shirley and their « family » here.
    Lynn and Larry


    My sympathy to the entire Snowdon Family.

    To you Shirley Ovans Snowdon, you were a wonderful partner and caregiver to Croydon.
    Be proud of that.
    Without a doubt, all your many friends will help you through this sad time.
    You both always looked so happy together.
    Take comfort in « the good times ».


    It was a very nice eulogy but biaised on only half of Croydon’s life. It is sad to witness that through all these years, Croydon’s family was not able to acknowledge and finally accept a grown man’s decision. Not sure he would have approved and condone his children’s sad and deplorable attitude. To Shirley, my heartfelt condolences… You two were always there for each other and Shirley, you were there for him in his needs with compassion and with love until the end. Croydon was a well read man and we had diverse and interesting conversations together. He helped me grasp some of the English languages subtleties. Always a smile on his face, with a twinkle in his pale blue eyes! He was a grand father figure for our daughter Alexe… Poppa Croyden! We could count on him and Shirley and we knew she was safe and cared for. We will miss you Croydon!


    My sincere condolences to Shirley Ovans Snowdon, his loving wife. As a child, I used to look up to Shirley and Crowdon and see how much they cared for each other. Crowdon and Shirley worked as a team. They always took good care of me. As I grew older, I perceived these two as roll models for myself, because they supported each other and undeniably loved each other so much. I saw how much Shirley cared for Crowdon and took really good care of him, as well as taking care of her daycare at the same time. It is outrageous to read this text and not even once mentionning Shirley’s name: she was a big part of Crowdon’s life. He chose her. She took care of him… until the end. My condolences to the rest of Crowdon’s family, he was a great man.

    My thought: Would Crowdon have accepted this eulogy?


    My deepest sympathies to you Shirley, Croydon’s loving wife. He was always smiling and happy and made time for everyone who visited. You were the love of his life, and his strength to the end. May you enjoy the wonderful memories you shared together.


    My sympathies Shirley thinking of you during this time. My condolences to the Snowdon family.


    My condolences Shirley on the passing of Croydon. The care and love you gave him was appreciated. So many good memories. My sympathy to all the family.


    Our deepsest sympathies to you Shirley, Croydon’s wife, best friend and partner for so many wonderful years. Treasure the beautiful memories you made with him. I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes and his smile whenever he mentioned your name and in the later years, whenever he heard your name. Together you have touched the lives of so many lives, young and not so young.
    Always remember you have family and entire community to help you through this most difficult time.
    Rest in Peace Croydon!


    My deepest sympathies to his wife Shirley Ovans Snowdon on the passing of Croydon. Please take comfort in all the good times you had together Shirley. My condoleance to the Snowdon family.


    We are so sorry to hear of Croydons passing. You made a nice life with Croydon and enjoyed
    many trips together and kept nice company. Our sympathies to you


    Extending my condolences to James, Anne, and Karen on the passing away of your father.
    And to Shirley Ovans, his loving wife, who took such good care of him, always looking out for his well being. He was such a sweet man who enjoyed spending time with his family. The little ones at your daycare would always be looking for « Poppa ». He loved to travel, especially his winter getaways to San Andreas. He enjoyed life. Treasure those memories, Shirley.
    Rest in Peace, Croydon!


    Shirley, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We always enjoyed being at gatherings when you and Croydon were with the gang. Over the last years of his life, you were a very attentive caregiver to him. Shirley, live with your good memories of all the pleasant years you had together.


    My sympathy to Shirley his wife who spent many years with him and took such good care of him. Dody and Phyllis send hugs and prayers.


    We offer our condoleances to Croydon’s family and to his wife Shirley. We remember Croydon visiting his brother Richard many times a week until his health deteriorated to the point he could no longer. More than brothers, they seemed to be best friends.


    Our thoughts are with you Shirley and Family. Sincere condolences. I will always remember his laugh,his kindness, and his stories.


    I didn’t know any of his other family, but my prayers and sympathy goes out to you during your time of loss. To his surviving wife, Shirley Ovans-Snowdon, my sincere condolences and sympathy are with you at the passing of Croydon. I’ve only know the two of you for the past five years or so, but enjoyed when you would bring him by the Legion when his health allowed. I admire the strength, love, care and support you showed him over the past years that I’ve known you. May he rest in peace and you find some peace now that his final chapter is over.


    Very thankful to have drunk a few beers, listened to some always interesting stories, and celebrated a few holidays with this character. Thank you Anne and Karen for bringing him into our lives.


    My sympathies to you, Shirley on the passing of your beloved husband, Croydon. I know you will miss him after all these years together.


    My sincere condoleance to the family. I would also like to extend my sympathies to his wife Shirley Ovans Snowdon