Jacques Dandurand, 1951–2019

Jacques Dandurand, 1951-2019

À LaSalle, Québec, le 6 mars 2019, à l’âge de 67 ans, est décédé Jacques Dandurand.

Il laisse dans le deuil sa conjointe Lyne Carrier, ses enfants Tina (Wojtek) et Mathieu (Marjelaine), ses petits-enfants Evan, Justin et Dylan, ainsi que ses frères et sœurs, beaux-frères et belles-sœurs, autres parents et amis.

La famille vous accueillera à l’église Saint-Malachie, rue Roy à Ormstown, le mardi 12 mars 2019 dès 12 h 30, suivi des funérailles à 13 h 30.


« Après avoir été notre joie,
tu seras maintenant notre ange gardien. »


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    Tabalnac Jack It’s Bob Segar not Bob Leger . My condolences to all your loved ones . I remember many good times with you. May you rest in peace.


    Chère Lyne et toute la famille
    Mario et Moi te souhaitons nos plus sincères condeléance en cette triste journée.
    Nos pensée et nos prières sont avec toi


    Heartfelt sympathy to Tina, Mathieu and your family. Rest assured that your Dad now rests in peace and that he lived life on his terms, always doing it his way.
    I feel your Dad crammed two life times into one. We will all miss his love and friendship along with that great smile.
    Deepest Sympathy from. Auntie Debbie, Uncle Maurice, Cynthia, Daniel, Samantha, Nick. Xox


    Chère Lyne et famille

    Je suis de tout cœur avec vous, Jacques va laisser un très grand vide.

    Mes plus sincères sympathies vous accompagnent

    Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage Lyne

    Sylvie Lalonde xxx


    Dear Jacques,
    We miss you so much that it hurts. It is true « OnlyThe Good Die Young » However a new Beautiful journey begins for you now.
    All your unconditional friendship will be truly missed. You were a kind-hearted brother-in-law, so much fun, to be around. We all celebrated, danced, laughed, and had a wonderful time when in your company. You have a precious legacy your children Tina, and Mathieu, your grandchildren Evan, Justin, and Dylan. Dear friend and brother-in-law we love you and miss your beautiful smile. If there is one thing I wish for you it would be that you keep your Rock and Roll attitude wherever this journey takes you. One day we shall all meet again and have the best celebration. Hard to sum up the life of someone who has touched so many people in such a Positive way so I will just say Thank You Jacques for coming into our lives and making it a better place. I can see you clapping your hands and saying oui ça va fêté. So keep it up. You shall be safe and warm in your new resting place and shall always be remembered in the here and now.
    I’ve known you for at least 45 years and know that we shall all meet again. So don’t forget to save us a place on that dance floor, then serve up some of your amazing spaghetti sauce with a cold beer. Love you Now and Forever. Xox
    Debbie and Maurice


    My deepest sympathies to the whole Family. We lost a great man last Wed. Jacques was always loved to laugh it up and I really enjoyed those many times at his house in LaSalle too many years ago! Tina & V, thinking back to all of the crazy fun we all had back then:) Jacques you will be missed RIP!!


    Ma chère Lyne quel tristesse! Je te souhaite a toi et sa famille mes sincères condoléances!❤️


    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. May your love and all the wonderful memories wrap around them like a warm blanket giving them strength. My deepest sympathies.


    Chère Lyne et famille,

    Nous vous souhaitons nos plus sincères condoléances.
    Nos pensées sont avec vous.

    Diane et Mario


    Jacques you had still so much life ahead of you but we are not the ones who decide our destination it’s God himself. We are all on a loner from God. When we have done what he has asked us to do on earth he calls on us and we must follow. The beautiful thing about this is that we enter the pearly gates of Heaven where there is peace, love, joy and eternal life. I thank God for the years I knew you. I will always remember your beautiful smile and big heart those are the memories that will stay with me. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and all who ever knew you. R.I.P. My friend


    “Ben tabarnac” Jacques. The world loses a man with a wonderful heart and soul. Your spaghetti sauce and pool parties were always the best. Sympathies to the family.


    Cher Jacques tu était comme un père pour moi i Will always remember you and i Will Miss you but im always going to be there for Mathieu thank you for being in m’y life Jacques much love from Dave ouimet


    My dear Jacques, I always respected how you loved and took care of my sister, I know that you knew I would always be there for Helen and even if you looked mad you were happy that she would be protected by me without you, sadly we could not be together the same way. You protected Helen and loved her so much and it’s sad how you guys separated, but life has to go on everyone has to do what they think is best for the both of you . I have always respected you and you were like a brother to me and a great provider for your family and some of my best memories will always be with you and Helen and the Family. I have wonderful pictures to the fact. I love you and miss you so much, way to soon to leave all of us. Xoxoxox


    Rest In Peace Jacques . Thankyou for the wonderful years we had together and our wonderful children Tina and Mathieu which led to our three grandsons Evan , Justin, Dylan, and Wojtek and Marge that completes the family. God bless you and the angels watch over you. Xx


    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family and this time. Our deepest sympathies.