Cécile Babin (née Boucher), 1935–2019

Cécile Babin, née Boucher, 1935-2019

Passed away peacefully on Monday, July 15, 2019, beloved wife of Denis Babin.

She leaves to mourn her children Michel, Joe, Suzanne, Linda and Marcel,
8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren as well as her brothers Bert and Alcide,
her sister Norma, relatives and friends.

A celebration of her life will be held on a later date.



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7 messages.


    We love you nanny, you will be greatly missed by all. You will always be in our hearts.

    Bob, Pascale, Anne-Sophie and Samuel.



    I Miss You now like never before,
    I cried when you passed away,
    I still cry today,
    I love you dearly,
    I couldnt make you stay.
    Your golden heart stopped beating,
    your hard working hands are at rest,
    I will never forget you, this I need you to know.
    My heart breaks of sadness for the one that I adore,
    Heaven has sent for you and they needed you more.
    You will be tucked safely in Heart, you will always be a part of me.
    Loving you forever.




    I still see your face before me
    Your voice I long to hear
    I miss and love you dearly
    God knows, I wish you were here.
    Tears fall freely from my eyes
    like a river fiĺled with grief
    My only comfort now is that
    from pain you’ve found relief.
    Missing you Always.
    Loving you Forever.


    Ma, I have known you since I was 13 years old. I have never once heard you raise your voice to any of us in all those years. You showered your love, kindness and understanding to each one of us in your special way. When you held your grandchildren in your arms and in your lap, your eyes twinkled and your beautiful smile was given to that child you held. With your great grandchildren that you held so tenderly, your eyes twinkled brighter, your smile became brighter. You gave each and everyone of us memories that we will always have and will never forget. You will be always in my heart beside my Mom and Dad. Thank You Ma. Rest in Peace among the Angels, because they truly received another one with you.
    Love Laura


      My nana , what can I say you are perfect in every way. I will remember all the memories when I was a child , I used to go to your house to see you and pa , eat breakfast and you would do my hair every morning before going to school. You used to do perms and braids , I always looked beautiful because if you. And after school you and pa would be waiting on the gallery for me and Jenn to walk home from school sometimes I would stay other times I had to be home but that was everyday. I remember all those times you took us out for breakfast and after we went shopping and that was quite a lot of times , and before going gone pa used to stop us near the Mercier bridge to look at the water , I loved those moments. We used to play bingo together along with multiple card games you taught us , and as well as knitting. Let’s not forget your cooking was amazing bad your fudge was unbeatable. I wish I would cuddle to you right now and here you humming like you always did , and you never hummed an actual song but it always sound nice and comforting And your smell was comforting too. I remember we used to play dress up and I would go through your makeup and you would just laugh so much , that’s something we can say is your laughter made the whole room laugh , you always laughed at everything , maybe that’s where I get this from. You are the most best grandma or Nana anyone could ever ask for litterely , so sweet kind and giving , never once did you raise your voice at anyone ❤️
      I could keep going I have so much memories worth you in 27 years . I just wish I could cuddle you one last time.
      I love you so much nana we will take care of Pa I promise Rest In Peace my nana ❤️❤️❤️